Stephen92 Owner posted Mar 3, 17

We are now live with our latest addition to the network.

Link to the modpack will be below, it is a PvP Clan server, unlike StarWars it will not be raiding, you can protect your things via preciousstones.


20% off

Stephen92 Owner posted Mar 2, 17

Hey guys, got a new server popping up in the next day or two so stay tuned for that, it's going to be SuperHeroes!

For the entire month of March there is going to be a 20% off sale!

Thank you to everyone for keeping us going for 6+ years! Hopefully we will be here for another 6!

[Helper] majermanguy I paid for Vigilante like a week ago and I am still a citizen... Can i please become Vigilante yet like what the crap?

Monthly Top Voters!

EnviMea HEAD ADMIN posted Mar 1, 17

Hey everyone! We've mentioned doing this before, however a couple of things have happened and thus we didn't follow through in January. But! We still planned on doing it! Every month, we'll take a look at who's voted the most on our servers and reward the top 3 people!

First Place: 1 Master Key, 1 Poke Key, 5 Pokebuilder Tokens
Second Place: 1 Master Key, 1 Poke Key
Third Place: 1 Poke Key

Make sure you vote daily, you might be our next big winner!

February's Winners will be announced soon!

[Helper] _xxluckshadowxx_ Make sure you add _xxluckshadowxx_'s votes to OwlOfDeath's because as i was voting on Luck i changed my ign to...


Stephen92 Owner posted Feb 24, 17

Hey guys, sorry for the downtime today, pretty much, due to some mods, and people, some areas in the map got corrupted beyond repair. A few mods had to be removed so we could be stable, sadly a long with a map reset.

This is not something we wanted to do with everything so fresh believe me, it was a lot of work to get everything back in order as quickly as we did. It would not have been possible without our amazing team of staff.

I would like to thank them for there efforts and assure you all that everything should be good from here on out!

Thank you for your patience, I greatly appreciate it. If you donated and dont have your rank, please let an Admin know, and if you got a kit, let them know and they will return it to you!

Today EvolveCraft Begins a new Project on a Private Server!
A new Map for Pixelmon is being Created, An Entire Region In Fact.

So we are looking for 2 Different things..
Talented Builders and Creative Minds.

The Builders will work together hand in hand with the Other people, 
for lack of a better word “Gifted Story Creators”
Their job will be to Design “Lore” a “back-story” if you will,
for all the Cities and Towns that the Builders will Create. This will be a long project i assume you, but the rewards
at the end will be very worthwhile, We are Looking for HIGH quality Builds, we Don’t settle for Average. How to Apply: You can apply via this link here : We expect around 3 Images of High Quality. So send your best quality!

TyRavensOrioles How do I apply for the "Creative Minds" portion? I want to become more involved with the server and th...
aeonzaway Moderator
aeonzaway @ Pixelmon
Looks like a a job I can handle and I would love to help out with the server so I dropped you an apply you can always c...
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star wars mod list?
Hi my minecraft Username is Kaiserkraft and my brother is Keegankraft can you unban us please from the superhero Evolvecraft Thank you
To the moon and back? why can't I join
go to donationshop and the hype train is commin pixelmon 5. 02
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