What do u mean by that Kodiak
How do I get started on your server?
Arkham its pixelmon 4.2.5
what is the mod yyou guys use to play on the server please help me!!!
hi critic

Best Month

Stephen92 Owner posted May 2, 16

Just wanted to touch base with everyone and let you all know thank you so much for one of the best months we have had in a very long time, we broke a lot of records over the weekend and last month as a whole, we would not be here nor could we do this without the great community we have built!

I hope you all are enjoying all the latest new custom features added and there will be much more to come!

For those that didn't know we have a creative server as well as a skyblock. Just join with play.evolvecraft.com

More game modes to come in the near future!


Stephen92 Owner posted Apr 26, 16

We have updated to 4.2.5 along with these updates we have a new custom plugin, it is pokeauction!

Type /auc help to see what its capable of, you are able to see stats and everything of the pokemon being auctioned. I hope you guys enjoy this addition.

The 15% off sale is still going on and along with that the Regis have been added to the shop including a cheaper bundle to get all of the Regis!

Thanks guys and enjoy!


Stephen92 Owner posted Apr 18, 16

Well guys, we have expanded and this time for good!

Everything is fully functioning and will have additions over time.

The main ip is play.evolvecraft.com and you can connect with 1.6-1.9 clients, all of our minigames at the moment are on 1.9.2 but accept the above clients, as of now the list below is what we currently have up and running on the Hub and keep in mind much more will come due to popularty!




You will still be able to connect to the Pixelmon server directly with poke.evolvecraft.com so no need to go to the Hub first!

Any server you are connected to has the ability to tp you directly back to the hub if you wish to play on another server. All you need to do is type /hub.

Enjoy guys and please be sure to leave some feedback!

Beta Launcher

Stephen92 Owner posted Apr 15, 16

As some may know Pixelmon has a relased a great update to their Beta Launcher. With this update has come custom PixPacks, I already have us added to the list and we are good to go! Download the Beta Launcher on Pixelmons Download page at the top. http://pixelmonmod.com/downloads.php

New Map

Stephen92 Owner posted Apr 13, 16

We decided with the recent events it was best to make a new map, I know it sucks trust me I know... However, this isnt just a brand new map, this is our 1.7.10 map with all the towns and everything else in it!

So as it may be a fresh start to some or a restart for others, this will be the beginning of the "new" Pixelmon server as we now have everything built that needs to be done and can focus on more important things, like you the comminity!

Hop in and look at the beautiful spawn and take a stroll through the paths to see the towns. The shop will be up within 2 days so you all can finally have things to buy and sell!

15% off donation sale til end of this month!

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