They are working again!

/pokebuilder and /pokemove are back in action.

Doing /tokens you will see you have your previous balance.
okanero was the winner of the tourney this week.

next weeks tourny will be at 5pm us central time (2 hours past the normal time) ((11pm BST (GMT+1))) the rules are any first-evolution Pokemon lvl 100cap, no legendary Pokemon except mew and celebi are allowed. no Pokemon without an evolution allowed either.
Hey guys, we have updated, the PixPack is updated as well.

With this update, there are some things that don't work as of now.

Pokebuilder, evs/ivs, pc, pshout, and wondertrade. There may be a few more, once the Pixelmon devs update the sidemods, they will be working again.

Try to keep in mind, anyone on this version which is most servers, have to do without these as well. It is not just us. Just try to be patient as I am sure they will come soon!
Hello! It's me again with the update on how Infinit3's tourneys are going and with the weekly update.

This week's tourney type was 3v3 bug ghost steel level 50 cap and we have to congratulate TropicalJive for winning this weeks tourney <insert cheers here>

The next tourney will be 6v6 lvl75 cap all pokemon allowed (including legends) and will be held on the discord and at 9pm GMT+1 [BST] which is 3pm USA central next friday (19th August)

Now for the weekly update!
1. As many of you have noticed and have been requesting, the blissey nurses have made a comeback! they are battleable once every minecraft day and can be found at ./warp nurses, so have fun leveling up your pokemon.
2. Courtesy of Kezza_Gassi, we have a new ./warp ev. Please go check it out, it is a fantastic build and we are all very grateful for them taking the time to make it!
3. The gym tower is finished (once again). There had been a miscommunication and we hadn't noticed that two of the gym npcs were not there, that has been fixed so all npcs are battle-able for both the Sinnoh and Unova regions.
4. On the topic of Gym leaders, you are all more than welcome to submit applications to become gym or sub leaders for our player gyms, if you have any questions about teams speak to okanerorules in-game, on the website, or on discord (Okan) and he will give you any advice you may need.
5. You also may have noticed that the sell shop in ./bs now works!!

Hope to see you all on the server :D
Beta 5 sadly broke every side mod we have, so, we will wait!