Make a post under lost pokemon and items with screenshot proof. you should be good
I vote 2 and then I wanted to level up my starter pokemon Monferno I caught a polywag and it replaced my Monferno shiny lvl 17 with polywag
See the forums Arceus
i got gm1 removed for no reason

Pixelmon 4.2.7

Stephen92 Owner
Stephen92 @ Pixelmon
posted Jun 14, 16

Hey guys, just letting you all know we have updated to the latest version of Pixelmon, which is 4.2.7. 

PixPack is already updated, enjoy everyone!

Some changes to the gyms

laurenscott1209 HEAD ADMIN posted Jun 10, 16

Hi everyone, 

There have been some changes to the gym system that I thought I would inform you all of. Mainly that, due to a suggestion made by many players, we have decided to change the way the ladder of the gyms work. The previous way that they worked is that you had to battle the gyms in order (First then second then third and so on). Now you are able to battle the gyms in any order you wish. BUT the level cap does remain the same for each gym. 

If you need any information on the gym system itself, it can be found at this thread: Gym info

I hope you all enjoy the changes, and if you have any other suggestions for the server, please let us know here: Suggestion forum

FSeeIV This will allow also, some gym leaders who do not have gym leaders beneath them to actually get some action. A good chan...

Pixelmon 4.2.6

Stephen92 Owner
Stephen92 @ Pixelmon
posted Jun 9, 16

We have updated to 4.2.6 and it is great! The performance is so much better than it ever has been on the Pixelmon side. It also seems the next update for Pixelmon will be for Minecraft 1.9 which will be even better performance.

When that time does come, do not worry, no data will be lost. We will not be doing a new map. (Most likely ever lol!)

I do know that the next update will be and update and not a bunch of bug fixes.

If you are not yet, please use the Pixelmon Launcher, (I would download the beta version.) Under the PixPack section if you scroll down halfway you will see our PixPack there. It makes for very easy new installs and updates as it does everything for you.

Thanks guys and enjoy the update!

Int Eighty Moderator I've been told that the server lags/crashes quite a bit lately since the new update. Just a heads up be sure to loo...

Best Month

Stephen92 Owner
Stephen92 @ Pixelmon
posted May 2, 16

Just wanted to touch base with everyone and let you all know thank you so much for one of the best months we have had in a very long time, we broke a lot of records over the weekend and last month as a whole, we would not be here nor could we do this without the great community we have built!

I hope you all are enjoying all the latest new custom features added and there will be much more to come!

For those that didn't know we have a creative server as well as a skyblock. Just join with

More game modes to come in the near future!


Stephen92 Owner
Stephen92 @ Pixelmon
posted Apr 26, 16

We have updated to 4.2.5 along with these updates we have a new custom plugin, it is pokeauction!

Type /auc help to see what its capable of, you are able to see stats and everything of the pokemon being auctioned. I hope you guys enjoy this addition.

The 15% off sale is still going on and along with that the Regis have been added to the shop including a cheaper bundle to get all of the Regis!

Thanks guys and enjoy!

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