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Our Features

Enterprise Equipment

Here at Evolvecraft we do not cut corners, we do our absolute best to bring you the best Minecraft gaming experience possible. That starts with our server infrastructure. We have only the best backed by a DDoS protected network.

Custom Content

We strive on being different, that starts with not only our content, but our plugins as well. We hire some of the best develipers available to provide unique features that set our server apart!

Amazing Staff

Treating each and every player with respect is our number 1 priority, we promise, no matter what your age or ethnic background, you will be more than happy to call Evolvecraft home. Our staff is hand picked to make sure they put quality before anything else.

Our Story

Evolvecraft has not always been known as Evolvecraft. Back in 2010 we were originally founded under a different name, known as Eldercrest. Over time we outgrew that name along with what the server was known for, Town/Factions. We turned to Evolvecraft a few years after and have for the most part stuck with the brand that we are known for now. Mainly focusing on Pixelmon. It has been a long road to get where we are, we are proud to have been here as long as we have today. From the looks of it, we will be here for many more years to come thanks to our contributors and amazing community!

Our Team






Head Admin

Latest News

Official Pixelmon Update!

I have some great news! As many know earlier this year the original Pixelmon mod shut down, servers scrambled to do what they could to get something going. A few new Pixelmon mods popped up that had added more Pokemon, sadly, as I am sure you all have seen, none have...

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has a great Christmas!!!!

Server Upgrades

Hello everyone, as many people may know we have been around for a very long time, 8+ years now. With that being said we have been on the same server for over 4 years now and it is time for an upgrade. I am always wanting and trying to grow the server as a whole. Doing...

Particle Keys

Hey everyone, we have some new keys to talk about, we now have Particle Effects you can put on your pokemon to really make them stand out. These effects are only available via a Particle Key which you can get in the store:

Welcome to the new site

Welcome to the new website, I hope you all enjoy the new look and feel of everything!