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EST. 2010

Evolvecraft is one of the longest lasting Minecraft networks around, we started out as a Factions server years ago, and have done nothing but expand ever since. For the last few years we have been known for our Pixelmon server. We are continually adding more and more so you have content to enjoy for the foreseeable future.

How To Join Pixelmon

We have an official Technic modpack just for Evolvecraft, that way not only does it make it easy to connect, but you never have to worry about accidentally updating if we haven’t.

Vote For Goodies

Voting not only helps the servers grow, but you also get rewarded too, each vote rewards you with a goody on every server on our Hub. Make sure to vote once a day!

Join Our Discord

We decided to do a bold move…. We got rid of our Forums and strictly use Discord for all server communication, news, suggestions, problems, and concerns.

If you want to be in the know of all things Evolvecraft, or just to make some new friends, hit that button below and come say hi.. We don’t bite!