Server Upgrades

Hello everyone, as many people may know we have been around for a very long time, 8+ years now. With that being said we have been on the same server for over 4 years now and it is time for an upgrade. I am always wanting and trying to grow the server as a whole. Doing anything and everything I think we can do that will help accomplish that goal.

I am going to be doing this upgrade within a week. Doing so is going to cause some downtime, it will be very limited. We are moving servers entirely. So I will need to back everything up and move it, then extract it all and get every service we need installed and up to date. I am hoping for only 1-2 hours of downtime. If all goes well that’s all it should be!

If it were not for this amazing community, things like this would not be possible. With this new server we will be able to bring you more servers, and better performance! I hope you all are just as excited as I am. I will give everyone at least 24 hour notice before the downtime.