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I have some great news! As many know earlier this year the original Pixelmon mod shut down, servers scrambled to do what they could to get something going. A few new Pixelmon mods popped up that had added more Pokemon, sadly, as I am sure you all have seen, none have been up to par on the same level as the original Pixelmon mod was.

Today, I bring you very exciting news! The original Pixelmon mod has returned!!!! Not only have they added over 100 Pokemon, they have fixed countless bugs and made it possible so lower end computers can now play! Oh, and it is on 1.12.2 🙂

We are making the switch from Generations to the official Pixelmon mod within the hour 10:00 AM Est.

There is a full wipe of everything! This is one of the first times I have actually done this, I hope most of you can understand why we have decided to do this, if you are a donor, you will receive what you donated for. The only thing that is being saved, is our ranks. Everything else is brand new. We have brought over our spawn and 3 regions.

Expect a server restart shortly, and once that restart has taken place, the new official Pixelmon mod will be live! Here is the modpack link below, add our ip

Thank you all for hanging in there, I could not be happier that the OFFICIAL Pixelmon mod has made a come back!