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    Guys, we are back as Evolvecraft. With things uncertain with Pixelmon which is what Evolvecraft was known for, it did not seem were going to be able to really make it... We were wrong, under a new name, we managed to get a lot of our older players back a long with a bunch of new. With that being said it was only right to bring Evolvecraft back.

    Evolvecraft has been around for about 8 years. I did not and do not ever want to think of it not being here. As long as we have the community and the support. We will never go anywhere.

    Thank you for those who stayed true to our name and supported us no matter what. The wait was worth it!

    With that being said, there is a newly updated version of Pixelmon that has been released, Pixelmon Dark! We are using it currently and hope to be getting on the official modpack itself, in the meantime, you our modpack which I will post below. We have a ton of other servers if you are tired of Pixelmon you can try out on our hub.

    Once again, thank you to all, without you guys, we would not still be here!

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    good to be back :)
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    Aug 20, 2017
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    cool awesome i have a question if we people apply for mod does it get send to u and how big of a chance do we get
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    Hi as admin I can answer this it's down to head admin who gets picked for staffing with input from owner and other staff members and all staff including owner can see applications

    As to the acceptance rate we don't have one if we are in need of staff and ur app is good then you would be shortlisted then out that list we pick how many we need

    Good luck if you do apply and thank you for joining our server

    StormsBubble x

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