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    Welcome to the information thread for gyms!

    -Deoxys (All Forms)
    -Genesect (All Forms)
    -Groudon (Both Forms)
    -Hoopa (Unbound)
    -Kyogre (Both Forms)
    -Kyurem (All Forms)
    -Landorus (Regular Form)
    -Lunala (Not in yet)
    -Marshadow (Not in yet)
    -Mewtwo (Including Mega's)
    -Pheromosa (Not in yet)
    -Rayquaza (Including Mega)
    -Shaymin (Sky Form)
    -Solgaleo (Not in yet)

    However Mega Rayquaza is Banned from everything and If you are using a lopunny it MUST be holding mega stone
    Out of the Pokémon listed above you can use none in gyms. In E4 2 of those are allowed per team. This includes Gym Leaders. So the E4 Dragon cannot have Rayquaza, Zekrom, Reshiram, Dialga, Palkia and Giratina at the same time as his/her team.

    In a battle the gymleader sets the battle rules and for gym leaders: if a player has defeated you do /givebadge (player) (your gym type)

    For E4:
    -Ghost leaders: CHECK IF THEY HAVE ALL THE 8 BADGES. (/checkbadges (player) If a challenger has beaten you, write their name and team in a book, sign it and stick it in the chest. I'll make sure there is chests with emtpy books and a chest where you can put it in.
    -Other leaders: If you get challenged by someone check if their book is at the previous E4. If it's not they haven't beaten it. If they beat your E4, stick the book in the chest of your own E4 so the next leader can check again.

    Gym Rules:
    -Bag Clause: No using items from your bag in battle, things like Potions, Revives, Full Heals etc.
    -Species Clause: No more of one of the exact same Pokémon. (Different forms are allowed, however a Mega still counts as the same Pokémon so you can't have both Alakazam and Mega Alakazam.)
    -Level cap is 100
    -You have to beat all the gyms before you can challenge the E4.
    -If you lose to a gym you have to wait an hour to rechallenge it. No more than 2 challenges per gym per day.
    -All gyms 6v6 single battles
    -If accepted you will be given a team which you can edit as you wish(but it still has to follow the standard rules)

    E4 Rules:
    -Bag Clause: See Gym Rules
    -Species Clause: See Gym Rules
    -You have to use the same team through the entire E4
    -Level Cap is 100
    -If you manage to beat the E4 and the Champion you will be the new Champion with the team you used to get there.
    -You can only challenge the E4 once per day. This means when you start your challenge. If you start on monday and lose to the third E4 on friday you can still restart your challenge at the first E4 on friday again.

    Warning: Only people that had beated all 8 gyms will be considered as worthy of joining the Elite 4.
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