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    I have a few Idea's for new Mini-game's , If you are not taking suggestions then you can delete This.
    The first Mini-game I'm going to suggest is Pokemon Trivia . It is as the name suggests is a Pokemon quiz . Trainers will be asked a random Pokemon/Pixlemon related question Eg. Mew spawns in what biome , or How many Types are there .
    The second and last mini-game I'm going to suggest is Color swap . If I'm not mistaken you guys had a mini-game that is similar and I would love if it would come back . The game was each player chose's a color and stay with said color until the round is over . A admin/moderator will randomly chose a color . the player with the color chosen is eliminated until the next game . Players can change after that round or stay with there color . the game ends when there is only one Player left.

    Thank you for reading and listening to my ideas .
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