Mega Tourney Weekly/Biweekly Thread!

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    Starting this sunday (october 15th 2017) I will be hosting a tourney every other week or every week if we get good enough turn outs

    No FEAR pokes (pokes that are lvl 1 and use moves like endeavor and quick attack to kill something)
    No Mega rayquaza (unless stated differently by me)
    2 Uber legends Max per team
    If using lopunny it must hold a megastone until the bug with it is fixed
    No items can be used from your bag (Potions ect)
    Must use same team through whole tourney

    Sign up link:

    This week will be a double battle tourney 6v6 lvl100
    double battle is pretty self explanatory you use 2 pokes at once

    1st 20 tokens
    2nd 15 tokens
    3rd 10 tokens
    4th+ 5 tokens
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