In honor of Memorial Day, we are having a 30% off sale everything in the store until the 1st!

Stay safe this weekend.
We have a brand new mini-game added to hub that I am sure a lot will enjoy! CounterStrike (CS:go)

CounterStrike is based off the popular eSports shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Using a custom resource pack, both teams arm themselves with guns, pistols, and even grenades.
Using a mixture of tactics and skill you must either defend the bomb sites or infiltrate the sites and plant the bomb. At the beginning of each round you can buy yourself weapons from the store.

You can join by clicking the npc on the hub or using the compass!
Minimum of 4 players Max of 10
(more maps coming soon)
In observance of Mother's Day here in the States, there will be a 20% off sale on everything in the store all week long!

Thank you everyone for playing and supporting the server, without you, we would not be here.