We have updated to the latest beta of pixelmon which is beta 10. We had to redo our entire shop system as Pixelmon changed the ID's.

All is working now, I would expect some bugs with this beta, this is the 1st one in over a month, but if you see the change log they did fix quite a bit of issues.

Thanks guys for sticking with us. Don't forget there is still a sale going on in the store until November.
As most have seen, you will have noticed that VampireZ has been in for a bit, now is mostly bug free! Hopefully everyone is enjoying that game mode.

The newest addition to the Hub, is something a but different that many enjoy:

Draw My Thing!

Currently there is only 1 arena setup for this but more will come as the popularity grows.

I hope you guys enjoy the latest additions and as always no matter what server you are on, you can type /hub to get to the hub and explore what we have to offer!
hey all!

The requirements of the tourney tomorrow are 6vs6 level40 cap with ONE LEGENDARY!!

Hope to see you all there
due to some temporary issues with one of our plugins, the server has been whitelisted until we can fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience

**EDIT** the server is back up and running, thank you for bearing with us.
Firstly, so sorry for the late post!

Connor won the tourney this week! woo

Next week's tourney will be 6vs6 lvl40 cap no legends.

Also you all may have noticed we have nurses, ev training, and the move tutors back! If you haven't been there, the warps are:
/warp ev
/warp nurses
/warp movetutors

Hope you're all enjoying the server!