Hey guys! In honour of the release of Pokemon: Sun & Moon, we're holding a 20% off sale on all donation items for Evolvecraft Pixelmon!

Seeing as Pixelmon is of course based upon Pokemon at it's core, we're all super excited about the release of the newest generation of the game. Since we all know you'll be picking that game up this weekend, we'll take off the sting by having this little sale :) Sale will last from November 17th until November 23rd, which I believe should cover the release for all countries :)

Have fun!

Add Envi on Nintendo! My friend code: 4012-5523-9899
We have updated to Beta 12 and everything seems much better! Thanks for hanging in there guys!
We have updated to Beta 11 as well as the PixPack if you are using the Pixelmon Launcher.

Hope you have a good Monday.
Happy Halloween, there is 50% off sale in the shop until Nov. 1st!

Be safe out there! Watch out for
killer clowns!!!!
We have updated to the latest beta of pixelmon which is beta 10. We had to redo our entire shop system as Pixelmon changed the ID's.

All is working now, I would expect some bugs with this beta, this is the 1st one in over a month, but if you see the change log they did fix quite a bit of issues.

Thanks guys for sticking with us. Don't forget there is still a sale going on in the store until November.