We have now switched back to Grief Prevention on the pixelmon server (golden shovel plugin) so make sure to re-claim your buildings :D
Hey all!

We now have a shiny new and exciting server: You're not a wizard harry.

The modpack is: http://www.technicpack.net/modpa…/your-a-wizard-harry.930857

The ip is: magic.evolvecraft.com
Hello guys recently we have had a problem with our claiming plugin we had, it wouldn't allow you guys to battle or even use pokemon and tbh it was destroying the reason people play, to actually fight with pokemon. So we recently got rid of that claiming plugin to fix that problem.. So now you will have to reclaim your stuff. If you were raided let us know and we will sure to help you. If you need help claiming ask us as well. At spawn there is a new board explaining the claiming plugin.
Good luck have fun :D
Happy Thanksgiving for those that celebrate! Hope you have some good food and a good time with your families, be on the lookout for a 24-48 hour sale in the store!
We have entered the realm of Runescape in Minecraft!! Link to the modpack is below. Enjoy.