Guys, we are back as Evolvecraft. With things uncertain with Pixelmon which is what Evolvecraft was known for, it did not seem were going to be able to really make it... We were wrong, under a new name, we managed to get a lot of our older players back a long with a bunch of new. With that being said it was only right to bring Evolvecraft back.

Evolvecraft has been around for about 8 years. I did not and do not ever want to think of it not being here. As long as we have the community and the support. We will never go anywhere.

Thank you for those who stayed true to our name and supported us no matter what. The wait was worth it!

With that being said, there is a newly updated version of Pixelmon that has been released, Pixelmon Dark! We are using it currently and hope to be getting on the official modpack itself, in the meantime, you our modpack which I will post below. We have a ton of other servers if you are tired of Pixelmon you can try out on our hub.

Once again, thank you to all, without you guys, we would not still be here!
Hey everyone, I am sure you have heard by now that Pokemon contacted Pixelmon and basically told them to stop developing, which they didn't really have a choice in the matter, it was either stop, or get sued.

With that being said, my intentions are to keep the server going as long as it possibly can considering the mod is now dead. Hopefully the community will strive on and this will not mean too much. But with any mod that dies, generally so does the following soon after.

Evolvecraft has been around for almost 8 years now, we did not use to be a Pixelmon server until about 6 years ago, hopefully something new and great will come out as we have always adapted and came out on top in the end.

I appreciate each and every one of you for all that you have done to make Evolvecraft what it is, I do hope it is not the end but only time will tell.
We have updated to the latest version of Pixelmon 5.1.2.

This fixes some known issues and added a few small things.