The server is back up we have defeated the goblins that over ruled the server and brought it down :D
You all can rejoin and enjoy :D any problems you see contact us about :D
Hey guys, I wanted to take a minute and answer a few questions hopefully on what you can expect with this update coming very soon.
As many may know, Pixelmon is about to update and they will also be updating to the latest version of Minecraft for the first time! In the modded community, you don't see that too often, so it will be nice to be on the latest version for a change.

You will not lose anything as of now! I do not want to change maps again and most people love this map, so there is no point in starting that over. With that being said, regardless no pokemon will be lost. As long as nothing terrible happens with using our map on 1.10 (which it shouldn't) then your inventories etc will all be in tact as well.

So basically what I am saying if you didn't bother to read all that. Nothing will be lost!

As always, I heavily advise to be using to the Pixelmon Launcher, if you do, under PixPacks, our server is halfway down. This is the easiest way to stay up to date with versions and does everything for you!

On a side note, something from a galaxy far, far away, will be coming soon to the network! Keep your eyes open!
thats right guys we reached a new cap, of 108 players!! It's amazing, thank you all so much for being here!! Hope you're enjoying the server guys :)!
Welcome guys to the new website! A lot of hard work and time has been going into this in the background of things. It is finally to the point to where it is fully functional, along with the new store!

I really hope you all enjoy the new forums and everything. Have fun guys!
Hey guys, just letting you all know we have updated to the latest version of Pixelmon, which is 4.2.7.

PixPack is already updated, enjoy everyone!