Hi everyone, CitizenSal here! :)

If you have a spare five minutes of your day it would mean the world to us if you could fill out our short feedback survey regarding EvolveCraft..

We ask you to be as completely honest as possible when filling this in, so we know what we can do to help improve this great server of ours.

If you have any questions, please ask me or any staff member on discord or in game.

We totally appreciate this. And we cant wait to read your responses!

Link to survey:


Thank You!

Evolvecraft Team.
We have now themed the survival server around Towny, the plugin is live and you can start making your towns
Updated to 5.1.1 So come and check out the new update and enjoy!
26% SALE for ONE DAY ONLY to celebrate EnviMea's birthday! So go check out the store and get some deals, also wish Envi a happy brithday!
Guys I'm hosting a competition, I want ye guys to take ingame pictures of yourself in the server doing what ye do, battling, building, catching or whatever ye want. By the end of the month I will announce the winner and all pictures will be on the social media pages, can't wait to see all these interesting pictures just send them to IrishWomanHurley, IrishManHurley or to the social media pages, goodluck everyone